03 November, 2016

Therapeutic Nature #NaBloPoMo #Day4

I have watched in old movies that a doctor suggests a patient to go to a cool place for a few days and nature heals and rejuvenates them. I never thought about it in childhood, but now, I feel, that's 100% true. Nature works wonders on us. It refreshes us and makes us peaceful within.
Have you ever experienced this?

I have experienced this many times. Whenever I go to a mountain area/ beach/ cool place/ some place with more trees, lakes and greenery, I feel calm and relaxed. I think, we human beings have a connection with nature. It might be because we are part of that environment. But, we don't realize this connection until we venture out ourselves and try to feel it. 

Why Nature is therapeutic?

Some reasons I could think of are:

1. Relaxation to mind
We wake up and immediately enter the digital world by checking mails, facebook updates and following the news. And from then, the connection to the busy world starts. We have many things to take care of - family, work, food, money etc., We don't get time to listen to the chirping birds and experience a water fall/ a lake.That's the reason, whenever we go to a place close to the nature, we feel relaxed (only if we stay away from internet of course :-))

2. Inner energy
When we are close to nature, there is some inner energy that fills up. It's like the same impact that we get on meditating. Our concentration levels increase and stress decreases. It's no wonder that nature impresses many poets to write great verses. I think, nature boosts creativity too.

3. A treat to our senses
Since we are habituated to live in confined spaces, whenever we go to a new place and go for a walk/ try hiking, we are more observant than ever and there is a thrill of exploring the unknown. I personally observe a lot during nature hikes and the first hand experience with nature can never compete with a resort stay. I like to watch sky, clouds and different colors of the nature.  

Do you also believe that nature is therapeutic? Why do you think we connect to the nature?
Do let me know your opinion in comments.

Happy to publish my Day 4 post for #NaBloPoMo hosted by blogher.

Until next time,


  1. This post is fantastic! I always feel better after a long walk in the woods. =)

  2. Of course yes. Nature is therapeutic. It does wonders when I take a stroll down the lanes, or on a beach or valleys.


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