09 November, 2016

My Latest Netflix craze #NaBloPoMo #Day10

Usually, I am not a TV fan. But, recently I  have started watching netflix. I remembered one of my colleague's suggestion  about  a tv series 'Lost'. 

I started watching it and I realized it's 6 seasons with  a lot of episodes. 'Lost' seems to be a popularTV show produced by ABC studios. It has got everything - mystery, suspense, science, fiction, romance and what not? A fantastic storyline, the best screenplay, and wonderful actors make this a great watch. After watching till Season2 unaware of more episodes, I thought I would get bored at some point and stop watching, but it became more interesting from Season 3  and seems like I am addicted to it. :-)

Did you have any addiction to a TV  series? Sure, let me know in comments.

This is day 10 post for #NaBloPoMo challenge.

Until next time,


  1. I do not watch series but am addicted to talk shows. I like real people and their emotional ourburst, hence I am a talk show person

  2. Game of Thrones was my addiction. I am waiting for season 7 in April 2017 :)


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