28 November, 2016

Maven - An App for Women's health #NaBloPoMo #day28

We women, go through a lot physically and emotionally from puberty through pregnancy, child-birth and menopause. We have a lot of questions and confusions in our mind regarding our health and the changes in our bodies and our hormones.

Thank God, we have a friend called Google. We use Google to clarify some doubts which we might feel shy to discuss with mom/friend/ spouse / doctor. But, How much can we rely on the information that we get from the internet? How do we know which article is genuine and which article is a fake information? Here comes the problem.

That's how I found this app called 'Maven'. This is a trusted source for our health problems. I had my first free video appointment of 20 mins with a nutritionist and the experience was great. The doctor was friendly and it was a better experience to speak to the doctor directly instead of searching answers in Google.

Maven is the first digital clinic for women. On Maven, we can access vetted health and wellness providers via video and private message. We can get our questions answered, or get a prescription. The network of providers includes nurse practitioners, OB/ GYNs, pediatric nurse practitioners, nutritionists, physical therapists, mental health specialists and pregnancy specialists like doulas, midwives, lactation consultants, and more.

We don’t need any insurance in the US to try Maven (appointments are generally cheaper than a co-pay) but if we get a prescription, it’s covered by the insurance!

Appointments range from $18 for 10 minutes with a nurse practitioner, $35 for 10 minutes with a doctor, $25 for 20 minutes with a nutritionist, physical therapist, lactation consultant, or doula, or $70 for 40 minutes with a mental health specialist. If we don't see enough practitioners in our area, we can select anonymous to book an education-only appointment.

As of now, Maven is available on desktop/ laptop and any IOS device. It is yet to be implemented on android.

You can install the app and use my referral code 'MAHATIVIP' to get a first free appointment worth $25 value. Anyone that uses the code will also receive a limited-edition Maven swag bag that includes a Maven tote, water bottle, notebook, pen, stickers and magnets.

So, try the first free video appointment with any doctor as per availability and let me know if it helped.

Until next time,

This is my day 28 post for #NaBloPoMo Challenge.


  1. I generally don't believe in apps since I think it's up to us to exercise and discipline ourselves. But if it works for people and helps them stay on track, I think it's an amazing thing.

  2. wow this sounds like a great app. I haven't heard of this before. So convenient too. Let me find more about it.

  3. Interesting app and thanks for the info share on it; I wonder If I would be eligible for this ?


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