18 November, 2016

Snow and the Super moon #NaBloPoMo #day19

This week has been great when it comes to weather. Colorado has its' first snow of the season yesterday. We all know about the hype about the Super moon.

I always love sky watching. I love watching clouds, Sunset, sunrise, rainbow and different hues of the sky. I capture them by my phone - Samsung galaxy S6. This phone camera is good with day lighting but becomes worst in low lights. The  Super moon on Nov 14th was awesome, but I couldn't capture it with my phone due to low light. Anyways, I should learn good photography skills as well.
Here is the one I could capture which is not at all nearer to the experience I had when I saw it.

The next supermoon very nearer to the Earth will be in 2034.

Did you watch Super moon on November 14th?  Could you capture it well?

Yesterday, Nov 17th we had first snowfall of the season and as usual I was excited like a kid. I love it when snow covers the grass and roof tops with a white blanket.
White is such a natural beauty anyways :-) After the fall season, when there are no leaves on trees, it's lovely to watch the snow droplets decorating the trees.

This is my day 19 post for #NaBloPoMo Challenge.

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  1. In upstate New York, we will probably get our first snowstorm of the season on Sunday. I am not looking forward to it. I was able to see the supermoon as it rose; I can't take good moon pictures with my iPhone SE, alas.

  2. Yes, pictures sometimes cant rightly portray the real view. Even I love watching the skies. Hope you have a nice time :)

  3. We haven't had our first snow yet in New Jersey.....My kids (and me too!)are waiting with all the excitement....And, yes, we watched the super moon, but didn't capture it.....


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